Goooooooood morning!

I don’t know about you, but my Saturday is off to a great start cause my brother made the Starbucks run! They lured him in with bonus points – they do a good job of “hey, come buy these things you get all the time!” (Seriously, it’s rare they do a bonus points promo where I go, “Oh, I never buy that.”)

And I am fully in Winter Olympics mode. If your country only has one person competing, I am totally rooting for you. Bonus if it’s a warm weather country. GO EVERYBODY! DO GREAT! HAVE FUN!

And you can get through a LOT of coverage when you fast forward through the commercials, instant replays, waiting on scores, and filler commentary.

My big exciting plans for the day beyond watching ALL THE SPORTS is getting the car inspected. The registration is due in June…the safety inspection, February. Had I been thinking, I should have had them do a safety inspection when I bought it to get everything in sync – I think when June rolls around, I’ll just get the safety done again so it’s all due at the same time going forward – $20 to only have to remember car stuff once a year vs. twice a year – worth it. (Also one less reason to leave the house in the dead of winter.)

I’m taking it to the dealership, and I have to say, that’s an experience that has seriously improved over the years. Online scheduling, a huge comfortable waiting area, enough folks on staff that when you get there at your appointment time, they’re actually ready to work on your car. And for inspections, being able to just make an appointment vs. getting in a line of 20 cars and just having to wait…well, that’s nice.

It’s also going to be nice to not be holding my breath to find out what needs to be fixed to make it road-worthy. (I loved my old Jeep, but those end years, whew, inspections were kinda stressful.)

Well, time to go warm up the car and venture out into the world. You have a warm Saturday.

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