Well, look at me go.

It’s noon and I’ve gotten everything on the around the house to-do list ticked off. Pretty damn pleased with myself on that front. Who would have thought a leaky valve would get me on track around the house? And yet, here we are. (As a whole, the house is still a disaster, but there are many spots that are NOT disastrous, which is definitely something.)

Our county case numbers continue to drop, which is good to see, but I’m left wondering if winter surges are going to be a thing forever – I really hope not, cause I’m pretty fucking tired of all this. (I know, everyone is.) But if we can’t get our shit together after two years and we have to just hope every surge will just burn itself out – well, it doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence. Meanwhile, in New Zealand, they’re locking down again and PM Jacinda Ardern has canceled her wedding, cause she’s a fucking team player.

But it is what it is, and all I can do is keep on keeping on.

Oh, January 23 we were dealing with a blizzard…

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