Happy Freezy Saturday!

It looks so gorgeous out there – bright and sunny! And it’s 28 degrees! 🥶

But it’s Saturday, I had a very ridiculous sleep in this morning, and I’ve got a very large cold brew next to me, so it’s all good.

Just got this push notification from BBC News on my phone: Kamala Harris one year: Where did it go wrong for her? You know, I don’t remember anyone giving a shit about a VP’s approval ratings before we had a VP who was a black woman. I mean, I’m perpetually pissed off at this administration, but I kinda don’t care about the VP unless they’re doing something really egregiously awful.

Some good news here on the pandemic front – I think we may be past our Omicron peak here in the county!

I’ve still moved my hair appointment to the end of February and I’ll get in touch with the dentist’s office on Monday – I’d like things to be a smidge lower before doing anything besides my dash through the grocery store or in & out at Starbucks – but it’s a good trend and I really hope it continues – we just can’t take this level of infection for much longer.

And I’m still glad I ordered the test kits from the government. There are lots of good reasons to order them, one being to prove to the government that there is demand for it, cause you know damn well they didn’t want to do this in the first place. My personal reasons are super petty – I want some of my damn tax money back in a tangible form. Yes, roads and bridges are great, but I’d like a benefit I can actually put my hands on that is just for me, LOL.

Stay warm, friends.

January 22nd wasn’t a big day for pictures it seems…

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2 Responses to Happy Freezy Saturday!

  1. Ashley says:

    Did you watch “Parks & Rec” by chance? I’ve decided that Kamala Harris is the real-life version of Ann, Rashida Jones’ character. Ann was portrayed by a fantastic, likable actor, and you’re happy when she’s on-screen, but you also spend seven seasons wondering what her actual purpose in the show is, because the writers don’t seem to know. She’s just kinda…there, standing next to the main character, existing.

    I think that’s what’s going on with Harris — they cast a good person in the role, but they’ve spent a year using her in inexplicable ways that never have a chance of succeeding, and she gets lost in weird storylines instead of ones that would actually play to her strengths.

    I got opinion-polled over the phone last week, and I kinda let out this combination of a sigh and an “ugh” when asked how Biden and Harris are doing. Because…well, sigh/ugh. (I ended up going with “Somewhat satisfied.”)

    Your need to pick up every government freebie is supporting my theory that you are perhaps a misplaced New Englander. 🙂 Embrace that cheap inner Yankee!

    • A Dreamer says:

      You nailed it on Harris – and I think it doesn’t help that it’s only been somewhat recently that the VP does more than just go to state funerals and wait for a President to possibly die – there really isn’t a clear role but everyone is expecting something, but they don’t know what.

      And for my govvie freebies – I am very happy that my tax money goes to stuff that the whole community uses, but it feels so rare that it’s “Hey, here is something for YOU!” And hell yes, I’m taking it, LOL. If they get towards expiration and I don’t think I’ll need them, I’ll take them to the baristas at Starbucks. :)

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