What a stupid day

Just everything was dumb. Thing 1, broken. Thing 2, not broken but it took me fucking forever to figure out that it was actually working right, because I am apparently an idiot.

Thing 1 has been a thorn in my side for a couple weeks now – the dev trying to fix it is in over his head (but getting help from a senior dev) – and we have just been going back & forth repeatedly on it. The worst part is that it’s not a bug – a big client wanted a change because they didn’t like the functionality, when it wouldn’t be an issue if they were maintaining their data properly… But we’re changing it.

Thing 2… I’d tested it, then got an email from the folks on the other side of the world saying “hey, here’s some more scenarios” – which is fine, I know I can’t think of everything. But this handful of “this switch on, this one off” items came out to nearly 300 permutations to test…

I was able to consolidate some of them but, yeesh – and then wasting a bunch of time beating my head into the desk, well, awesome.

Ah well, at least the day is over.

Oh, and I saw this on Twitter yesterday and I can’t stop watching it, and I think it will make you smile, too. It’s only 6 seconds and just trust me on this. (Unless you have issues with bats, then, maybe don’t click play.)

And some snaps from January 26s that weren’t quite as stupid.

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