Another Friday!

You made it! Good job!!

And the new laptop arrived last evening and it’s all up and running. Apple’s little Time Machine backup is so awesome – all my files transferred over with a legit couple clicks of the mouse. (And some time. There were a lot of files.) It was far easier than any other time I’ve had to upgrade a laptop.

It’s very nice – the “e” key works consistently and I don’t have to worry about it going into sleep mode and not wanting to wake up, and the sound quality on it is pretty amazing. I did have to switch over to Office 365 (weird that Office 2011 isn’t supported, LOL.) And Turbo Tax is happily downloading its updates.

While I didn’t want to dump a bunch of money to start 2022, I knew this was coming and it’s a good investment. Also, major props to Apple for getting it to me in 24 hours.

You have a great day!

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