Good N95 masks!!

The 3M Aura N95’s arrived yesterday and I used one today when I went on my errands.

Holy shit, this is a REALLY GOOD mask.

They really did proper design work on this one.

– It’s a soft shell vs. the hard circle style, which makes it fit better and fit more faces. Plus, the soft style is WAY more comfortable.

– There is padding on the nose bridge below the shaping wire – keeps your glasses from fogging up!!!

– The seams are a) on the side and b) covered by folds in the mask design, so it doesn’t gap on the sides or at the chin.

– It is the *easiest* mask to breathe in, at least for me.

Right now, the only Amazon buying option is from some 3rd party seller that can’t ship for a while (of course) – but keep an eye on it, as they’re constantly getting stock back in. When I ordered mine on 1/7, it said it wouldn’t be delivered until the end of the month, and got here yesterday.

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