Happy Saturday!

And a long weekend to boot. If you’re wondering what you can do for Martin Luther King Jr Day on Monday – how about supporting a black-owned business and telling our elected representatives to DO BETTER? We have 50 senators + the VP and a Democrat in the White House thanks in no small part to black organizers – to say it’s getting old to ignore them outside of election season is an understatement.

On the Covid front – Walgreens has Binax test kits back in stock.

And Amazon has the 3M Aura N95s back in stock! (Seriously, these are the best N95s I’ve found, and I’ve tried a bunch.)

And my dumbass wasn’t paying attention to the expiration dates on my tests and I discovered I had 2 that are expiring next month and I have no “must test” situations between now and then – I was able to give them to one of the baristas at Starbucks this morning, so I am starting my day with some warm fuzzies being able to help someone. (I still have a couple in my stash, so I’m good if anything comes up.)

And the grocery store got their milk delivery!! We had ~1/3 of a gallon in the fridge, which is iffy as to whether or not it will last until Tuesday once the weather is done (there are cookies in the house) so I snagged a couple quarts of ultra-pasteurized so if we *don’t* go through the open milk right away, we’re not rushing to use up the rest of it before it expires, and if we do – we have milk! So, bring on the cookies!

Stay safe and warm this weekend.

January 15 in pics!

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