I swear if I see another “bare shelves” photo

Seriously, it’s making me nuts. Hit up the market today – needed to get some things to get us to the other side of the weekend since it’s gonna snow and I am not going to want to go out in that weather.

The store looks like we had two snowstorms last week and another coming this weekend, which is exactly our scenario here. Except there was actually more bread than usual when there is a snowstorm on the way.

I had a decent sized list and got everything on it. Had to do some brand substitutions, and it’s a good thing I got a gallon of milk this past weekend as the milk was cleared out. (Not a shocker and I’m not above getting a quart from the gas station on Friday if we’re low.)

Meat case had taken some hits, but I got ground beef for tacos tomorrow and italian sausage for spaghetti on Saturday.

Yeah, there are bare spots. I got the second to last pint of sour cream. (Well, lots of fat free still there.) Had to get a tall person to get the italian seasoned tomato paste.

On any given day, 5-10% of things are out of stock. Right now it’s 15%. That’s it. 15%. Not the end of the world.

I’ll admit I’m still not 100% recovered from Plague Friday when the entire community bought a month of food on the same day, and I felt a bit twitchy at times.

But please, don’t panic buy – you really don’t need to.

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