A super early good morning to you

It’s fuck my life why are there meetings so early Wednesday. And I finally remembered to fix the Wednesday schedule on the thermostat. (I don’t think I will ever decide programmable thermostats aren’t neato.)

Lily has spent the past 40 minutes smashed against the heat register. I don’t blame her one bit – it got a bit chilly last night. Excellent sleeping weather, but terrible getting up weather. But, we’re getting up to 47 degrees today, woohoo!

Of course, it is supposed to snow this weekend and I need to make a grocery run and that has to be today, because if I wait longer than that – it’s gonna be a shitshow. Upside is that since it’s a crack of dawn start to the workday, I can get out early and do it then and it will still be light out vs. trying to jam it into my lunch hour.

So, I’d best go get the day started so I can get it finished.

Today in pictures:

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