It’s gonna be sunny today, but we’re only gonna get up to a whopping 28 degrees today. Glad I had coffee made in the house – it’s too fuckin’ cold for a trek to Starbucks today.

Still flabbergasted that we’re seeing Covid rates higher than ever and there is no true structural support beyond “get vaccinated.” The governor declared a state of emergency for hospitals and that’s it. We’ll be able to have home test kits somehow covered by insurance. You know damn well that insurers will make it so difficult to get reimbursed for them that folks will try once and give up. JUST MAKE THEM FUCKING FREE.

Please lord, let Omicron be the last big wave – I cannot deal with this level of incompetence and indifference for much longer. Meanwhile I’m waiting on yet another version of N95’s to see if I can find some that actually fit my face. (3M Aura for anyone interested.)

Well, time to go pretend everything is fine and to do the thing to make the money to survive this capitalist hellscape.

So, what happened today but not today?

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