Clean bill of health!

And she behaved at the vet to boot!

Every thing looks good, weight is slightly above ideal, but all we have to focus on is not gaining more weight.

We’ve also got the go ahead to try some new prescription food since Royal Canin’s quality control has been garbage the past 6 months.

Her dental cleaning is scheduled as well. That was supposed to be a 2021 task…😬 But – it is scheduled.

I seem to have already been forgiven for my transgressions. Treats helped.

And we’re gonna take a few more minutes with the coffee before we ease into this workweek.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, lounging on the kitchen floor
No diets for me!
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4 Responses to Clean bill of health!

  1. Ashley says:

    Did they tell her how beautiful she is? I hope so.

    • A Dreamer says:

      Oh they always do! She is always unimpressed, LOL. I was just happy to hear she didn’t fuss, growl, or be a ninny. Keep telling her the annual exam is just a massage session, but she doesn’t see it that way.

      • Ashley says:

        A massage! That’s much nicer than me telling a certain 11-pound terrorist that he goes for a “tenderizing” where they “marinate” him (with shots)…

        My childhood cat Cleo had a big red sticker on her patient folder. When we asked why hers had one and our other cats’ folders didn’t, they said it meant “patient draws blood.”

      • A Dreamer says:

        Yes, emphasize the spa day aspect of it!

        Carmen had to go in the knockout box to get her exams.

        Lily has hissed once when she was getting a shot, but on the whole, she deals with it well.

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