Ooh, dry roads!

We should be able to get Miss Lily up to her checkup – but we will be driving extra slow to be sure, and taking advantage of the remote start to have the car toasty warm.

She’s currently parked in front of the heat register – the challenge is going to be getting back upstairs to “work” and then casually lounging about until time to get her in her carrier… Her little softsided carrier is just sitting on the bed – if I bring it downstairs, she will split.

It’s always a fun game between watching the cat, watching the time, and making sure she doesn’t decide to disappear, LOL. I can hear her in the kitchen now having breakfast and I’m hoping she doesn’t decide to move to the chair on the far side of the dining room, cause it’s hard to get her out from there.

Crap, she’s gone to the basement.

Retrieved from the basement and basement door shut and she’s now been unceremoniously dropped off in my bedroom.

Time to top off my coffee and join her for the next half hour.

Days past…

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