Reason #368 why I don’t love winter.

OK, so by the time it started raining, it was above freezing, which is good.

It is supposed to rain on and off until 10PM. It will stay above freezing until 3AM.

So the question is – will that 5 hours and 8-12 MPH winds be enough to dry out the roads or will I be waking up to an ice skating rink in the driveway and road when I have to take Lily for her annual appointment in the morning?

If I have to, I’ll reschedule and pay any cancelation fee, that’s not a problem. It’s just the sitting here wondering what it’s going to be that’s a bit maddening.

Didn’t even think about weather being a factor when I made the appointment. Combination of working remotely and a mild winter so far – it just did not even cross my mind.

Note to self: Afternoon appointments in the winter. Morning appointments in the summer.

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