I beat the sleet & freezing rain!

Made it to Starbucks and a quick run into the market for the stuff I forgot yesterday before The Weather started, so today is off to a good start.

After yesterday’s bit o’ despair, it’s time for something lighter. I’ve been taking CBD oil before bed for a while now, to help with sleep and see if I can’t level off the anxiety a bit. It’s been working nicely as I’ve been sleeping very well and don’t wake up with any kind of “sleep aid hangover” – but my dreams are a wee bit more vivid/lucid.

Last night, I was getting married again (WTF?) and trying to pull it together in a week. The photographer wanted $300 and a tiara. The catering was going to be ice cream – vanilla, and rocky road (I don’t even like rocky road?) and I was having a hella time trying to find a shop that would sell me enough ice cream. I finally decided it should probably be canceled but I didn’t really want to, cause, how embarrassing – and then had the though of, “well, you could just wake up and it would be canceled and you couldn’t have to actually *cancel* it!”

Then, not one, but two owls in my old bedroom. (I got them to safely leave out the windows.) And the late, great Moxley dog somehow took down a deer and then dragged to the carport roof.

They say your dreams reflect your subconscious or something like that… Planning & canceling an event, I’m guessing that is the whole pandemic cycle of plan & cancel. Mox & the deer and the owls? I was half-watching a nature documentary before bed, so that could have gotten in my brain.

I’ll absolutely take a few weird dreams in exchange for the improved sleep.

Past times pictures! Oooh, 13 years ago, I was in Aruba. That was pretty awesome. The hotel kitty was the best.

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