Love the weekend. Wish they were 7 days. Probably should sit down and look at my retirement plan again. HAHAHAHAHA.

And I have to venture out later to hunt for milk and stuff and frankly, I don’t wanna. It was 23º when I went out to grab coffee, and about a quarter of the people there didn’t have masks on. I mean, the county posted more than 3700 new cases today, why would you want to take even the smallest of precautions?

Just not excited about going out in the cold with a bunch of plague rats.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell, slowly oozing off a chair
Why would you go out when you could be a puddle?

Canceled my appointment for next week with the acupuncturist – she wouldn’t let me pay for the missed session (I didn’t want her scrambling to fill the spot) and was very understanding about it. Who knew I’d be longing for the days of a couple hundred cases a day in the county?

What makes me extra bummed is that the last time I started canceling appointments, I didn’t get a haircut for a year and a half.

Obviously, I’ll do what I have to do, but I really hope that this surge/wave/whatever is done soon. It’s just been really nice to be able to do some personal care things.

Yes, I’m vaccinated & boosted and mask up everywhere which is a big risk mitigator. Breakthrough cases are less than 7% of new cases, which is not terrible – but we’re also looking at the law of large numbers and all that. It’s one thing when you’re looking at 200 cases a day in the county, and quite another when it’s 3700… So, semi-hermit mode it is for a while.

But I will say, DAMN, I have gotten good at the high speed grocery run over the last two years – my list is in the same order as the aisles (I can do that without even actively thinking about it these days) and I am in and out in no time at all. (Which is a good thing since I never mastered the art of putting together a good order for curbside pickup.)

I know I am obscenely lucky – I work remotely, I can afford good masks, I have a small stash of quick tests, and I was able to get vaccinated & boosted with no issues beyond waiting to be eligible and a brief argument with a pharmacist over the definition of 6 months. I have the mobility to race through the grocery store. And I want to keep this lucky streak going.

Today in snaps! Oh look, cats!

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