Happy Friday!

You made it! And given the past couple weeks, Covid may have hit your household – and that’s OK. It SUCKS, to be sure, but it’s so prevalent now that even the best avoidance tactics may not work, especially with the lack of structural mitigation. No shame in it – just do your best to isolate and take care of yourself. And if you’re still negative – keep doing what you can to stay that way – don’t give in! I know it feels inevitable and you may want to just say “fuck it” but keep trying, for yourself and those around you.

Here in my corner of the world I’m wide awake at 5AM – we had more snow last night and bless VDOT*, they were rolling through the neighborhood and woke me up at 4AM – realized I might as well just get up and get some coffee. And of course, Lily had to go to the basement and tell my brother, “HEY BOY, WE’RE UP EARLY, YOU SHOULD COME UPSTAIRS AND HANG OUT!”

Watching my brother try to do the math to make a pot of hot coffee…well, I’m just glad I made a pitcher of cold brew in the middle of the day when I was 110% conscious.

The upside of being up at the crack of pre-dawn is that I can at least start work early and then start my weekend early. Lily – well, she’s already sacked out again.

You stay safe and have a good weekend.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, sleeping on a blanket on the floor.

This day in pics:

* I-95 may have been an utter clusterfuck with the earlier storm, but they were hitting our street straightaway with the first storm and this one as well.

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