So, time to cancel some things, I guess.

So, realizing I’ve got 3 appointments this month and yeah, that’s not ideal. Next week’s session with the acupuncturist will definitely need to be rescheduled. :( I hate missing it, cause it’s been so good for my shoulders/neck/jaw and the sessions are always so relaxing. But, best to hold off until cases drop back towards something that is less of this insane mess.

And my dumbass managed to double book myself the last Friday in January with both the hair salon and dentist, so one has to be rescheduled no matter what and the other, well, I guess we’ll see where things stand the week before.

What’s so weird to me is the salon is actually safer than the dentist – don’t have to take off my mask to get my hair done, and the room is far larger and with all the hair chemicals, it’s very well ventilated.

It was just so nice to be able to do some personal/health care things for a while. (Well, except the dentist, cause it’s the dentist.) But, last month, our average case numbers in the county were under 275 a day, which isn’t awesome, but I felt reasonably safe being vaccinated/boosted/masked. Now we’re running a 7 day average of over 2,000 cases a day, and yes, my risk assessment has definitely changed.

Breakthrough cases are still less than 10% of all new cases right now, which isn’t terrible by any means, but I don’t see a reason to chance it and spend extended time indoors with others when I can wait things out until this wave passes. Also – law of large numbers and all that – when I got my hair done on 12/17, that was 119 breakthrough cases in a week in the county. As of yesterday, that was 967 in a week.

It’s just so frustrating to be doing what I can to flatten curves (or bend that straight line) and it just doesn’t seem to matter. I know it could be exponentially worse, but I can barely wrap my head around these numbers right now.

You stay safe.

January 4 in my photos:

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