It’s snowing!

And it can stop now, LOL. It’s been going for maybe an hour, and it’s very pretty and it can be done, thank you.

I love, love, love working remotely, but it also means no snow days. I remember starting very early in my career, every October with whatever boss I had, we would have to have a little sit down where I explained that I would not be risking my life/car to get to the office in snow or ice. (Even my first go round with support – I made them put the remote connection software on my home computer.)

It usually was met with raised eyebrows, but acquiescence. “You can’t expect me to wreck my car and possibly get injured for this place.” “Uhh, I guess not.”

Lily has given up on the day already, LOL.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, sprawled out on the floor, sleeping
I’m gonna sleep off the storm

January 3 in snaps!

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