A shiny new year

OK, a bit grey and drizzly here, but, we have a blank slate again, so let’s make the best of it.

I’m getting the new year started off well – slept in new sheets & comforter cover, and there is a batch of bread dough rising right now.

I knew my old sheets were worn out & ratty, but my lord, the new sheets really highlight just how worn out and ratty the old ones were. Lily also likes the new comforter cover, cause it matches her!

Shot of Lily, a black and orange tortoisehell cat, on a sunflower comfortr.
Can you spot the kitty?

Hopefully this will be the year we can put Covid in the rear view window. To be sure, January & February will probably be rough – I suspect what the governments won’t shut down, Omicron will. I’m ready for delays and various and sundry inconveniences (for lack of a better word coming to mind) – much like Spring 2020. Sadly, it won’t be things closing down as a preventative measure, but closing down because folks are sick, because we have no structural mitigation beyond “get vaccinated.”

And that blows. But hopefully if we all do our best – get vaxxed and/or boosted, mask up, get takeout, help each other out, isolate properly as long as possible if positive (understanding not everyone will be able to do this, because, capitalism) – maybe we can stop giving this virus transmission vectors all over the place.

In an act of aggressive optimism, I have a 2022 Thoughts of Dog planner. Because dammit, there WILL be some good times and things to plan for this year at some point.

Shot of planner cover with an illustrated dog with a stuffed elephant saying "in case you forgot, i love you"
The dog is right.

Also, trying something new this year – granted it will probably last 3 weeks, LOL – but, shots from January 1 years past:

Though I am sure it will have its share of potholes along the way – let’s make 2022 better.

Take care and stay safe.

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