Our county case chart is just a straight line up. And we’re at a new all time high on our 7 day rolling average. I don’t know why the screenshot is so damn fuzzy here – but the blue line is 2020, red is 2021, and purple is the goal for “moderate” community transmission.

Our hospitalization rates are still low, but I know that’s a lagging indicator, and even if the rate of hospitalizations to cases stays low – when the cases are so high, that can turn into a lot of overwhelmed ICU’s really fast. I truly hope it is as mild as it may seem right now, and we don’t see a ton of long Covid to go with it.

If you’re thinking “why are you torturing yourself with these numbers?” – well, it makes me feel like I have a handle on things. I can’t control it, but I know where things stand. Of course, the county health department website says “Data should not be used to determine your individual level of risk or to self-diagnose” – no, I’m not gonna use a chart to self diagnose, but I am sure as shit gonna use it as part of my risk assessment. (Granted, my risk assessment has pretty much been FUCK, NO since March 2020, with a brief relaxation for 2 months this summer.)

Tried my KN95’s again this morning for the Starbucks pickup and they’re still a no-go. :( They literally flap at the sides when I exhale (which is legit hilarious), but if I throw a cloth mask over it to secure it, it’s too much and I can’t breathe. So, guess I’ll stick with my ASTM3 disposables + cloth mask for the time being – I did double up the ASTM3’s this morning when I ran into the market and while it wasn’t super awesome, I could breathe.

I have N95’s but they’re way too big for my face – I did find some small 3M ones and they’re on order, and we’ll give those a whirl. Yeah, shoulda done that 2 weeks ago. (Non-sketchy N95’s were out of stock for so long, I guess I just unconsciously gave up on finding them.)

I’ve also got 4 quick tests arriving today and damn if I don’t feel like I’m sitting on a gold mine with those. Walmart is updating stock in real time, so if they’re out of stock when you check – look back again in a few hours.

I called the Honey Baked Ham shop and switched my pickup from in store to curbside. Thank you, Annie at HBH. I also gave them a container of cookies as a thank you for being flexible in the middle of a hard week. The “Wait what?” look as I handed them over made me wonder just how bad this week has been for them. But, I have safely acquired a 1/4 bone in ham! And sent a “your crew was flexible and awesome and I appreciate it” email to corporate.

And I tried the KN95 again while I was in the car waiting for the ham – and the sides didn’t flap around this time? WTF? Then I realized, I had the straps clipped in the back and I didn’t this morning… Well, looks like I’ll just have a fuckton of masks, LOL.

You stay safe.

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2 Responses to HoooooBoy

  1. Ashley says:

    I have a shipment of 30 KN95s arriving any moment now, and I’m dreading the fit problem. My father has a ‘roided-up watermelon for a head, but my mother is tiny and I know she’ll have your flapping issue. I’m thinking I should’ve bought the ones with the ties around the back of the head, not the ear loops. But fingers crossed we get SOME use from them.

    My mother bribes every single local business with baked goods, which is why she gets basic car maintenance done for free at our mechanic and gets “family discounts” from half the cashiers in town. So, may your next ham order come with a free extra serving. :)

    • A Dreamer says:

      What I did with the ear loops is attach them behind my head with a large paper clip and that took care of the flapping problem. I did it completely unconsciously this afternoon and seriously sat for a few minutes trying to figure out why the mask that didn’t fit 4 hours earlier suddenly fit now.

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