Happy Christmas Eve!

Or TGIF, depending on what you celebrate. :)

Got little bro’s presents wrapped and all that is left is printing out screenshots of the covers of the kindle books he’s getting and popping them into little gift bags. It’s a bit more festive than just “hey, go look at your email” LOL. (I am fully prepared to have to run up to Staples for an ink cartridge halfway through…) But on the whole, I am getting the Christmas Eve I want, which is a day of very little to do.

One of the stockings went MIA since last year, so Lily doesn’t have a stocking – but trust me, it’s OK – she has a big assed Santa Sack instead. It’s not actually full to the top, the top 1/2 is tissue paper for her to play with. And I like to think it’s not “excessive holiday buying for a cat” but “buying food she will eat in advance and saving myself some time down the road.”

An oversized cloth gift bag with a Santa on it and "HO HO HO" printed on it.

She’s been the bestest furry pandemic buddy, so yeah, she gets ALL THE TEMPTATIONS AND TISSUE PAPER!

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, laying on some tissue paper, being good for Santa
It’s so hard to be good

These bags are great, tho – when I realized I couldn’t find her stocking and that we didn’t have any big gift bags, I ran up to the market yesterday on the off chance they had some left and found these – half off for $2.50 each to boot – and three different patterns, so I snagged one of each. They’re cloth and reusable, so they will get many years of use.

Between these bags and the Amazon cloth gift bags we’ve accumulated over the years, we’ve inadvertently created a somewhat environmentally friendly holiday around here. (Who knew those years I told Amazon, “please for the love of god, wrap this” would bear fruit later?)

I hope your holidays are safe and calm and filled with love.

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