Feeling a little better today

After I ran my errands yesterday and felt like I’d been hit by a steamroller, I took a long hot shower, and a nap, and then we got takeout from Outback, and today I am no longer on the verge of “crying from all the tired.”

Don’t underestimate the power of a safely acquired big ol’ steak & baked potato and a margarita to make things a little better. (I don’t think the novelty of a takeaway cocktail will ever wear off.) Plus, I still have half of that steak for lunch today. And – if you like fried shrimp and you like blooming onions, try the blooming shrimp – it’s that great seasoned batter and the same sauce and it’s so good!

And I have just sent a “y’all did great” email to the store, cause they really did.

The only Christmas tasks left are picking up the ham tomorrow, and wrapping presents. I’m shooting for having everything wrapped *before* Christmas Eve, so I’ll have to do on Friday is sit around and eat and drink and stare at the sparkle lights on my tree.

And work has given us an extra half day off this pay period (woohoo, 4 extra hours for 2022!) and since our regular “half day Friday” is a holiday next week, they said we can just take a half day whenever next week.

The tl-dr is, if you’re feeling crappy, take a nap and have a snack.

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