Can the pandemic be over please?

I know what you’re thinking, “What a controversial, yet brave statement!”

I mean, I want it to be over because I’d like for people to stop getting sick and dying, and I’d like to do things again, but also – I am just so damn tired.

Our county’s 7 day case total today is higher than it was this time last year – when vaccinations had only just gotten started for very small, specific groups.

I’m vaccinated and boosted and I mask up whenever I’m out and about – but I’m back to zero lingering in shops, everything is get in and out asap, mail order whenever possible, and I’m basically back in hyper-vigilance mode cause whatever we’re doing as a county/state/country – it’s obviously not working.

I’ve managed to outmaneuver this fucking virus for 21 months and it’s down to 3 things:

– White collar work at home privilege
– Seemingly good decisions & risk assessments
– Sheer fucking luck

Number One is easy. Number Two has been draining as hell. And Number Three – well, I’m just wondering when my luck is going to run out.

Can you tell I had to run errands today and I am utterly knackered for it?

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