It’s always something

But at least this time I find it fucking hilarious, and easy to deal with until fixed.

Plumber came out yesterday, did a lovely job, when he finished, we flushed toilets, and opened spigots and went, “oooh, ahhh, yay!”

And last night I discovered that the hot and cold are reversed in the upstairs bathroom faucet.

It’s not the faucet install. The pipes behind the walls are BACKWARDS.

When I told my brother, he paused and said, “Wait, now I remember that there was one bathroom where the hot & cold was backwards.” When he said it out loud, I vaguely remembered it, but it certainly never sprang to mind when the plumber was here.

And there is no way the plumber would have realized this unless he’d been specifically looking for it. The old faucet was a single-handle and at some point something got flipped so hot was left & cold was right, but it had to be inside the handle mechanism itself – because the old supply lines were rigid metal and definitely not crossed under the sink.

When he put the new flexible supply lines in, he wouldn’t have been able to tell that the “cold” side was warm, because the water was turned off while he did it. And I’m pretty sure one of the ten commandments of plumbing is “hot on the left, cold on the right” – what shitty assed psycho 70s era builder roughs in the pipes BACKWARDS?

I had briefly thought about calling them today to see when they could come flip the supply lines (so glad I had him put in flexible ones and looking this morning, they’re long enough to easily undo & switch) – but it’s Christmas week, I’m having them back out in a month to do the shower and supply stops and they can handle it then.

In the meantime, I can just remember to use the opposite faucet handles. And I will make sure we know 110% for sure which pipes are on which side for the new shower handle when they come back around.

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