Well, we have 3/4 of the plumbing projects done!

Two new faucets, a new drain pipe (old one was on the verge of failure and legit broke into pieces when he went to take it out to replace it) and a non-leaky toilet valve and new guts!

The shower is going to have to wait a wee bit, as they will need to access the valve via the closet wall behind it. (It’s that or knock out tile, so, closet wall it is!) So, my new year project is getting that closet cleared out. It may have an access panel which would be nice, but if not, they can cut an opening and I could easily make an access panel when they’re done. I’ve never noticed an access panel in there, but I’ve also never gone looking for one either.

But seriously, I couldn’t be more tickled with these new faucets.

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