Well, that’s nice

Our VP of our product line sent out a very nice “thanks for everything” email and basically said, “thank yous are cheap, we setup a little shop, go get yourself a present” – and it had a half dozen kinds of jackets, a duffel bag, and some other tech-y things to pick from, and guess who has another fleece jacket on the way? Sure, it will have the company logo on it somewhere, but still, it’s nice.

And I know the company is getting a decent discount on this and whatnot, but it’s nice and certainly a bit better than the tumbler & blanket that started shedding the moment it came out of the package year before last that was sent to the whole company, LOL. (I think everyone made them pet blankets. ROFL – but all the pets have loved them it seems.) I know, it’s the thought that counts. (Though that thought may have been, “Oh shit, maybe a gift is in order!”)

And I got a card from my supervisor in the mail today with a very nice note a Starbucks gift card! That will absolutely be put to good use.

Sure, I have days where I beat my head into the wall (like today) but I gotta say, our engineering department is pretty damn good.

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