Yes, I *did* get up at 6AM today, why do you ask?

But, things are semi-under control at work, though it’s gonna be a loooong week.

V.0 & V.1 testing all knocked out. Today is V.2 feature 1, which theoretically is supposed to be all done tomorrow, but there are a bunch of bugs that dev hasn’t even touched yet, and the feature overall had the added fun of the dev marking it done while still also working on it… (Legit was all, “You put in so many bugs, but I’m not done yet” so I asked, “So, should we put the dev task back to In Progress?” “No, then QC wouldn’t know to start testing.”)

My partner in crime on this feature is the testing lead on it and sent the dev an email asking if things would be done, cause, deadline, and got an amazing non-answer back… I sent her a rundown of what I have left to do – I suspect the deadline will be moved back, but I am prepared for it to be otherwise. (Though please universe, let’s move this deadline, it will not be the end of the world.)

Then after that, it’s V.2 features 2 & 3 – due the 16th & 17th… But, I think I should have feature 1 done today, or as much as I *can* do today, considering everything, and then 2 & 3 should take a day each, and that puts us at the end of the week and I think that is everything I need to have done before PTO.

But, it’s all good, I have it all plotted out on a spreadsheet and once I log on, I’ll have a good clear idea of what is happening when. You’d think I’d remember given that it was the last thing I looked at before I logged off, but this job has given me the ability to not think about work when I’m not at work, so that’s pretty awesome.

And speaking of “I have it all written down so I don’t have to worry about it” – that is something I’ve done on the work front pretty much forever. There is always a spreadsheet of some sort with a list of tasks and due dates and whatnot and no one ever says “ugh, why do you have to write everything down?” I finally realized that has to translate to getting shit done in my personal life – and my hand to god, if I even have the most mundane shit on my to-do list – I don’t forget it and it actually gets done.

Who knew?

You have a great day and if you need to write all your shit down to get it done – then do it. Don’t wait 49 years to figure that out, LOL.

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