Second Covid test negative! Guess I was just feeling punky on Thursday cause I was just feeling punky.

When I told my brother my first concern was Lily and not him, he said, “Well, I’m vaccinated and boosted and she’s not, so of course she should be your first concern!”

And today, I made TWO phone calls, and I may have to go lay down now. But, the plumber is scheduled and we’re gonna have a new valve & guts for the toilet, two new bathroom sink faucets, and a new handle/valve for the shower/tub. I don’t have remodel money for that bathroom, but I do have new faucet money, and I am weirdly excited about it.

And I added a haircut to my Friday color appointment, cause I got it cut a fair amount shorter last time and I realized, I want it even shorter than that – I’m finding that when it’s shorter, it actually has a fuckton of curl to it, and I like that!

And I have also decided I am going to get my ass out of the house today and go to a Christmas market – even though it’s grey and threatening to rain, it’s 65 degrees out there, and I am just gonna take an umbrella and spend some needed time OUTSIDE. Also, it’s right next to a great Tex-Mex spot and I think I see some empanadas in my future.

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