Hey, it’s Friday!

And not a moment too soon. It’s been a week. But work is back under control, my covid test was negative, and I’m not feeling quite so craptastic today.

Waiting for the covid test to do it’s thing was unexpectedly nerve wracking. I’d already thought I should do one some time this week as a follow up to being at the dentist last Friday but it had honestly slipped my mind – the fatigue and stomach upset brought it right back to the forefront.

AllI could think was if it’s positive, 1) What if I gave it to Lily? and 2) How would I tell my brother? (And yes, in that order – sorry little bro.) This is where living alone would be better, I wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally passing it on to another person in my own damn house if I caught it.

I did come to the conclusion that the fatigue was a combo of everything in the world plus not even getting 6 hours of sleep a night all week long, and my stomach was likely the fact that my sinuses had been draining since I woke up.

Gonna do the follow up tomorrow – put it on my calendar so I will not forget – and while I’m confident it will be negative…I also am not particularly looking forward to it. The test itself is easy, the waiting SUCKS.

I know I am not along in this – but JFC, we did NOT need Omicron.

But hey, it’s Friday and we made it.

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