It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

Despite Covid and all the other various and sundry bullshit, the sun is shining and I have a very large cold brew, so it’s good enough.

Yesterday’s dental appointment went shockingly well – the tooth he worked on this summer is actually properly healing. I was kinda shocked, but happy – I’ve been doing brush/floss/rinse as I’ve always done (and still have the mouth of a medieval peasant) – but I’ve also added CBD oil into the mix before bed, mostly for anxiety/sleep, but it has antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties and while I’m not saying this is what made the difference – it obviously hasn’t hurt at all. (I did not mention this to the dentist as I can tell he already thinks I’m a bit of a whackjob for the acupuncture sessions to undo the tension in my jaw.)

Today’s very exciting plans are seeing if I can’t find a small tree topper (the one that went MIA was from CVS ages ago, hopefully they or Hallmark can come through) put in the orders for the Christmas Sees Candy (YAY!) and housework.

The little sparkly lantern I got is a hit – my brother finds it very mesmerizing, LOL and he sent a video of it to a friend who was all, “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!” Doing my part to keep our little Hallmark store in business.

In “healthy coping methods” – I got an advent wine box! It’s 24 itty bitty bottles of wine, just over 6oz each and I’m only 3 days in and having WAY too much fun with it. Sampler boxes of tiny bottles of wine should be a year-round thing.

And now, I have to go out and be around *shudder* people. Night 4 of the wine box will be needed, LOL.

Have a lovely day!

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