Well, it’s another Friday

And yet again – you made it! Well done, since the universe had added an additional difficulty level with Omicron.

Half day today, but the second half is going to the dentist, so… I’d rather work, TBH. In theory, it’s just replacing a temp crown with a permanent one, but I am certain he’ll find something else expensive and wrong – but, it’s all good, I’m finding a new in-network dentist for the new year.

I like my dentist, but he’s too damn expensive – my prior insurance paid fairly decently for out of network, but what I have through work is terrible for out of network services and my dude has definitely shifted to catering to rich folks over the years, and I am not a human ATM machine. (Gawd, health care is utterly fucked in the US – I can’t even fathom why dental work isn’t part of regular medical insurance other than someone is making a lot of $$$ keeping things the way they are.)

Welp, time to go speedrun through some bugs and steel myself for a bigassed future dental bill, LOL.

You have a great day!

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