I will not eat all the cheese tonight…

We have smoked gouda, hickory smoked cheddar, brie, Tennessee whiskey bella vitano and black pepper bella vitano. Both the bella vitanos are gooooooooood and it’s taking everything I have to not just start gorging myself. We also have 3 kinds of salami, and I have managed to not open that package yet.

Still kicking myself a bit on the turkey breast as it is a deli turkey breast (apparent from the photo on the website, but it Did. Not. Register. at all when I ordered it) – perfectly fine, but also not a Thanksgiving turkey breast, LOL. And there were no heating instructions on the container, so I looked it up…

The Turkey Breast is fully cooked and ready to enjoy. Take the meat out of the refrigerator to stand for at least 30 min before serving. Refrigerate unused portions immediately. We recommend that you do not heat the Turkey Breast – made to enjoy right from the refrigerator.

It does go on to give quick heat up instructions, but yes, my dumbass ordered a cold turkey. 🤣

My brother has zero qualms about it, he is confident it will be good and is already excited about the leftovers. I am trying not to beat my head into the wall. I really, really hope it’s good, cause I am very excited about the convenience so far. If it’s terrible, lesson learned and I’ll see if I can order one through the butcher shop so I don’t have to go to a half dozen stores to find one like last year.

I am also resisting the urge to go try the turkey NOW, because in all my planning for tomorrow, I didn’t think about dinner tonight.

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