On a more positive note

I do believe the Thanksgiving shopping is done! We have enough cheese for a small army. The only thing I couldn’t find was plum chutney for the cheese plate, but I do have the Bacon Onion Jam, which is money. (Worth the special trip to the Hallmark store to grab it – and I may have gotten some Bourbon Onion jam, too.)

To go with the cheeses, we also have 3 kinds of salami, 3 kinds of crackers and there will be cheesy bacon ranch dip and Fritos.

Turkey pickup is Wednesday at 1PM, and dessert is arriving today according to the tracking – got a box of “harvest” petit fours from Swiss Colony – butter rum, apple spice, and pumpkin pie. (We never go through a whole pie, but we can snack of petit fours like no ones business.)

I also have a nice bottle of Chardonnay for the day – what can I say, the lady doing the tastings at Safeway was very nice, and I couldn’t have a sample, go “Ooh, that’s good!” and then not get a bottle, LOL. (On sale to boot!)

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, peeking out from a grocery tote.
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