Movie night!

Well, last night. My brother has been taking me through all the Marvel movies during the pandemic and last night we watched Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. WHAT A FUN MOVIE!!

You don’t have to know anything about the Marvel universe to enjoy it. It is visually STUNNING. the entire cast is fantastic – Simu Liu, Awkafina, Tony Leung (OMG), Meng’er Zhang (needed more screen time) Michelle Yeoh, and Ben Kingsley, who once again delighted me. (He needs more comedic roles, he’s funny as hell.)

It’s a fun, escapist romp and once again, Marvel has done that thing where you look the villain and go, “Yeahhhhhh, I understand why they’re that way.” Though like pretty much every Marvel villain – THERAPY. THERAPY WOULD HAVE HELPED YOU.

And I know there was some, “Um, first Asian Marvel hero and it’s basically a martial arts movie?” – BUT IT’S REALLY GOOD.

In not fun Marvel movie shit, the county is back in substantial transmission – and it’s my fault. You see, I got a new curling iron, cause with my shorter haircut, I can’t style it by putting it up in a bun and letting it dry that way to make it wavy. And I tried it out yesterday morning and it’s great and works and my arms aren’t dead by the end of it – and now I have nowhere to go again.

When we finally dropped into moderate transmission I wanted to see the numbers in moderate for a week before hitting up my bar and hanging with other people indoors. And at the one week mark, I also got my booster shot and the pharmacist said, “two weeks and you’re boosted!” and dammit, she’s right and all, and here a week later, we’re not in moderate anymore…

Being responsible fucking sucks and I am kinda over it. I’d like to think that booster shots being open to all will help, but honestly, we’ve had vaccines available to all since April and the county still only has 65% of the population fully vaccinated – that number just isn’t going to get any higher at this point.

The willingly unvaccinated jackasses are running around acting like they’re fucking martyrs, and yet in the six months that I’ve been fully vaccinated, NO ONE has asked for my vaccination status other than my employer in exchange for two floating holidays.

If people just gave half a fuck about other people…

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