Why do they call it O Dark Thirty?

Cause you look outside and go, “Oh, it’s dark…”

It’s another crack of dawn Wednesday and Lily is stomping about yelling her head off since my brother is still asleep. Which he is absolutely allowed to be. But not in her eyes, LOL. Oh no, she woke him up. But she has all her people in one room, so she’s happy, and he’s a good sport.

Should be a quiet day at work – they shifted some deadlines out and all my stuff is just waiting on developers right now. Yesterday I even asked my boss if he had anything I could lend a hand with (I am a dumbass) and I tested something and immediately found a big, obvious problem with it. *side-eyes this one developer in particular who is probably side-eyeing me right back* But I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and maybe the fix wasn’t designed for an older iOS version and not that he didn’t even do a cursory check of the code.

Well, time to go have ALL THE MEETINGS!!

You have an awesome day.

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