It’s Indigenous Peoples Day

Took too long to get here, and doesn’t make up for 500+ years of garbage, but it’s a start. Can’t help but wonder what this continent would look like if the Europeans had just exchanged recipes and left when they realized people already lived here. White supremacy really fucks up everything.

My coffee really needs to kick in here soon, or it’s going to be a slog of a day – two nights of not awesome sleep in a row and I am not in amazing shape. And to think that this weekend I contemplated, “Oh, maybe I’ll set my alarms earlier so I’m not getting up extra early on Wednesdays and have a little daylight when I get off work!” HAHAHAHAHA.

Maybe I’ll set things 10 minutes earlier for tomorrow. I mean, I really would like to start my workdays earlier so they end earlier, but that also requires good sleep. We really need more than 24 hours in a day, but capitalism would just take any extra hours anyway, so…

I’d be worried that there is something wrong with me that I’m such a hot mess these days, but when I think about it – I’ve always been a hot mess, so this isn’t actually new.

On the radio this morning, they used the phrase “pandemic era” – don’t like that. Don’t like that AT ALL.

Please go get vaccinated so we can not have a pandemic era anymore.

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