Sunday Bleah

OK, though staycationing is a bit of a bust for me, I also don’t want to go to work tomorrow, LOL. If nothing else, sleeping in for a week has been very nice. COME ON, POWERBALL!

Been reading multiple articles that Delta may have finally peaked – though “Further drop in the number of new Covid cases will be stubbornly slow” – argh. The county does seem to be on a downturn – we’ve had a week of declining cases, so, maybe that will continue. (Though we had 9 days of decline at the start of the month, followed by 8 days of increases, so who knows.)

I just want to be done with the pandemic – and lord knows, I’ve had an easy go of it all – if I’m totally over it, I can only imagine how things are for folks who have to be out in the shit day after day. 562 days of this* – and it’s been a fight at every damn turn to protect people and we failed over and over again.

Truly makes me want to just exit society and live on the side of a mountain or something.

And my Padres season is essentially over, as they’re out of playoff contention, and the season has ended on an especially tragic note as two people died at the ballpark yesterday before the game. Just sadness on top of sadness on top of sadness.

I think I’ll spend the rest of the day stitching to try to take my mind off things.

* Yes, I have a little counter on my phone.

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