Well, it’s Monday

And of course, I didn’t sleep for shit last night. In bed by like, 10:30, lights out by 11:30 – awake until after 1AM, and the LilyMonster had to let me know her head was wet at 3:45AM. (She drinks from the faucet and is not neat about it.)

Thankfully, at 6:30 AM, I thought “that sounds like my brother’s car running outside” – and it was. And there was a coffee run. YAY. I need every drop of it this morning.

Fun thing for after work – the Christmas wreath cross stitch should get finished today! I was so close yesterday, but was also hitting the point where I knew I’d make (more) mistakes on it, so it got put away for the night.

Work in Progress - Christmas Wreath cross stitch, roughly 95% done!
So close!

I didn’t check my email a single time all last week, which was good for vacation time, but it’s gonna suck having to wade through it this morning. But, if anything was “end of the world” critical – they could have texted me, so it should just be a lot of deleting. So. Much. Deleting.

But – even a week of QC email will be less than a day of support email, so I’ve got that going for me.

And in such Monday fashion, after being in 1st place in fantasy baseball for the bulk of the season, I have been knocked out of the championship bracket and now the best I can do is 3rd place. My team pulled a Padres and fell the fuck apart. Ah well.

Well, time to go delete a fuckton of emails – you have a good Monday – or at least not a terrible one!

ETA: I just looked down at Lily and asked, “Are you ready to go do the thing?” And I just got a look of, “WTF, I thought we were retired?!” It is unclear if I will have a work buddy today, LOL.

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