Holy Hangover, Batman

Had a few beers last night and Victory’s Golden Monkey does pack a punch. Was not paying attention to the ABV at all, cause well, just drinking and watching Marvel movies at home – 9 point freaking 5 percent and it goes down far too smoothly. Ouch.

Compounding it is the fact that I’m not particularly well hydrated – when I’m working, I have a reminder on my Outlook calendar that pings every hour to remind me to sit up straight/stretch/drink water. Who hasn’t had their Outlook calendar open for 9 days? THIS IDIOT! Who has a “drink your damn water” app and has ignored it all week? ALSO THIS IDIOT!

And to think I actively contemplate retirement. Gonna make it two weeks before there is a detective standing over my body going, “Looks like the idiot forgot to eat and drink.”

It is so downright embarrassing how bad I am with unstructured time.

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