No witty subject line comes to mind today

But it’s already been a very productive Saturday morning. Coffee acquired, sodas picked up at the market, and car filled up & washed. I’ve said it before, but whoever came up with the automatic car wash was an absolute genius.

If you’re studiously avoiding all the whatnot around The Anniversary today – know you’re not alone. I won’t go into why it bothers me so much, because I know there are folks still hurting, even 20 years on and I don’t want to minimize their pain, but it does.

I suspect I’ll get a lot of stitching done today – here’s what I’ve got so far on the current project:


I’m trying to remember to take a shot of it every evening when I finish up so I can have a start-to-finish gif at the end.

Yesterday I picked up some backing fabric for this project (the pattern is for a pillow/ornament) and as the lady cutting the bolts was making sure she got the calculation right, she unconsciously pulled down her mask to concentrate harder. Maybe I should have been horrified, but honestly, it just cracked me up. It’s right up there with pulling down your mask to hear better – I’m still shocked I haven’t done that yet.

And I’ve got a staycation plan – the LilyMonster’s quilt! I feel like it’s the the type of project that is a “extended daytime hours” undertaking, and the week off work will be perfect for it. I’m very excited to get going on it – I think it will be fun, and hopefully, Lily will like it. Or I will have a nice little quilt to keep my feet warm on the couch, LOL.

You have a good day and avoid the news and such if you need to.

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