OK, so a couple weeks back I ordered some pillows from an online site that curates their items from various vendors. I’d gotten bamboo sheets from them before, and they were awesome, so it didn’t feel particularly risky. (I won’t call out the site, cause they’re trying to help me here.)

The order is for 2 king size pillows with 2 pillowcases included.

It arrives. But they are queen sized and there are no pillowcases. But hell, I’ve got pillowcases, it’s not the end of the world. The damn things are vacuum packed (a trend I despise) but I get them out of the bags and let them fluff up for a couple days as per the directions.

Dear friends, these things are terrible. They look nice and fluffy, but they have zero support to them – tiniest bit of weight on them and they go utterly flat. And of course, I can’t find the packing slip.

So, email customer service, let them know the wrong item was sent and it’s not great and I just want to return them and need a return authorization. I do not want them replaced with the right size, cause, terrible pillows.

So, they’ve got to get the RMA from the vendor, they’re working on it, sorry for the delay – it’s fine, I know these folks are stuck in the middle.

Today my brother tells me there is a package on the porch for me.

More pillows. Queen sized. No pillowcases. No packing slip.

The vendor solution of “let’s send the wrong thing twice” is not one I saw coming from a mile away

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