The weekend is here. Work is finished, errands have been run, there is leftover Chinese takeout for dinner in the fridge and I don’t have to leave the house again until morning coffee time. For a 3 1/2 day week, I’m knackered – couldn’t wait to go to bed last night, but that may have been due to eating way too much Chinese food for dinner.

And it just hit me that my staycation is week after next. It really felt much farther off, but even if I’m not getting to go anywhere this fall, the time off work will be good. Just need to see if I can’t find a few outdoor things to do to take advantage of the time off. Mount Vernon is having a market fair next weekend, and that has made the list to kick things off. Maybe the weather will cooperate and I can score a patio lunch at the wine bar on the river during the week.

Right now, I’m torn between a nap and starting up some stitching & watching Poirot.

I think a nap with the LilyMonster is going to win.

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