Oh, the tyranny!

Saw parts of the press conference yesterday and Biden is pissed. And I don’t blame him. On the whole, he’s a good guy, but has a failing in that he has faith that Americans will do the right thing – which makes me wonder where he’s been the past 5 years or so.

But, we fucking put Typhoid Mary in an institution – you can get your shots and stop being a damn disease vector.

And I’ve seen more than one comment of “Well, glad I got my shot when I had a CHOICE” – WTF? So, had it been mandated by your employer or OSHA sooner, you would have refused? It’s just the weirdest fucking reaction to all this. Don’t be mad at the administration, be mad at the willfully unvaccinated chucklefucks who got us here.

I’m glad the administration has put its foot down – but I certainly wish it didn’t have to come to this. Still misses folks who are in very small businesses and undocumented workers, so it could be better, but it’s something, and hopefully enough to put a dent in new cases by, IDK, Thanksgiving when people will insist on traveling yet again.

And maybe we get ahead of whatever the next variant could be. That would be good.

I just still don’t understand how you can look at the cases, the hospitalizations, the deaths, the deaths of KIDS and still be, “Nah, I got horse paste, I’m good.”

Hell, I was hesitant – mRNA is somewhat new, the trials did seem to go quickly (because they had so much support to get them done) and the prior administration didn’t exactly make me confident in anything – but JFC, I didn’t want to land in the hospital or ACCIDENTALLY KILL SOMEONE ELSE. Bonus of being in the last eligible group, I could see that they were safe, so the second I could make an appointment, I DID.

For fucks sake, get your shots so I can retire the Covid tag on this blog.

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