Another Friday

And you made it – and this week, that is certainly not nothing. Covid, Ida, and Texas just to name a few things trying to send us to the great beyond.

But, it’s a long weekend and management is booting us out early today, so it’s not all bad.

I’ve had a productive week on the non-work side of things. Car picked up, dropped off insurance, dropped off state/county registers, plates surrendered, and coverage seriously upped on the new Jeep.

Tons of progress made on the stitching! Even if I did just now manage to lose the back of the needleminder when I took the piece out for the picture…

Work in Progress - Cross Stitch of the Governors Palace in Williamsburg Virginia

Very grateful for the early out today, since I have to go to Kohl’s to do an Amazon return and that will definitely be easier than on a weekend. The quest for a new headset that doesn’t squeeze my head to the point of a headache continues.

Big plans for the weekend are stitching and housework and generally chilling the fuck out.

You have a great day.

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