Happy Weekend!

I hope your weekend is as good as mine has been so far. I am very contented and full of food already.

Yesterday, I took advantage of the early work release and hit Target for the first time since before the pandemic. (I think? I don’t remember going any other time this summer.) Thankfully they have not rearranged the store in that time. Checked for headsets for work – they had some on display that you could try on – I picked up a set, and WHOA, SUPER COMFY. Looked at the tag – I had picked out the top of the line Bose that go for $300. HAHAHAHAHAHA, no.

Did score some new bedpillows – I’d ordered a pair off the internet and well, I’ll not do that again. (Return label is being processed on that lapse in judgement.) Should have known to just go to Target in the first place. Did manage to resist the urge to buy a few more bath sheets, but only because the stock was pretty low thanks to kids going back to college.


Then off to Kohl’s to do the Amazon return dropoff – and they give you $5 of Kohls cash. Well, I couldn’t let *that* go to waste, could I? Got a nice pair of Under Armour leggings that will be nice for yoga. I have missed Kohl’s, too.

Finally Staples in the headset quest – found a nice pair of Altec Lansings – bluetooth, 26 hours on a charge, microphone, noise canceling that can be turned on/off and most critical, comfortable. I’ll give them a week tryout – keeping my fingers crossed that these will work. They are “full over the ear” style, so they look goofy as hell, but I’m never on video, so, it’s fine.

And today has been all about not cooking. Market for cheese and salami and crackers to snack on, then the butcher shop for 3 containers of their really great BBQ (one for tonight, two for the freezer.) They also have a wide variety of wild boar sausage, and I will say I am intrigued and may have to try some at some point.

And right next to the butcher shop is a Potbelly. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get my favorite Ham & Swiss, and some of their mac & cheese.

So, I am basically warm, fat and happy, and that’s a nice place to be. Debating if the next activity will be a stitching or a nap.

I really need to win the lottery so every day can be like this.

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