Overcast Sunday here – not sure if it matches my somewhat subdued mood today or caused it, but here we are.

But, I’ve got coffee and hit up Dunkin’ this morning so I can stress eat donuts all day. Donuts are such a small-big joy – I seriously become a kid again when I walk in there – chocolate frosted WITH SPRINKLES?! YES, PLEASE! Also, I don’t know who needs to know this, but the maple bacon snackers are back. (I may have just sat in the car and eaten them before even leaving the parking lot.)

In “make this make sense” stuff – MetLife has processed my dental claim that was submitted on Thursday. Literally a 2 day turnaround. I’m very happy, but given that the time frame for them to process shit is 2 days to 5 months, it’s a little weird. (Watch it take them 2 months to pass the info on to the flex spending people…)

On a civic duty note, I’ve written the Governor yet again asking that they reinstate mask mandates. Our cases counts make it obvious that the honor system for masking isn’t working, and our vaccination rates are flat, so as much as we may want to vaccinate our way out of Delta, we don’t have time to wait for more employer vaccination mandates. I’m just so pissed watching the anti-mask/anti-vax asshats do whatever the fuck they want and causing this pandemic to just keep going when it absolutely does not have to.

And then there is Hurricane Ida – my lord, the universe is a cruel place to have it hit on the anniversary of Katrina. I’m so worried for the folks who couldn’t evacuate. On the radio this morning they were saying that they’ve made improvements to the levee systems, but no one wants this stress test on them. At least we don’t have a president who will throw paper towels at them.

Now, I am going to try to get some adulting done around here, since I got all the car stuff done yesterday, the to-do list is much lighter. (Thank you yesterday me.) Hopefully it will keep my mind off the awfulness of the world.

Headshot of Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, poking her head out from under a blanket
Same, LilyMonster, same.

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