Goooood morning!

Another week where YOU gave the big ol’ middle finger to a pandemic and got through it.

Also – if you find yourself with cold symptoms that last more than, IDK, an hour – maybe send someone to Walgreens and snag a couple of those rapid home Covid tests. Someone I know on Fb posted about how summer colds suck (they do) and *literally* a half dozen people have posted about the crappy colds they’ve had this past week.

Um… Sure, they could be summer colds, we’re all worn down and susceptible to that kind of thing, but, there is this whole other mess going around and maybe you’d want to be sure it’s NOT Covid so you don’t accidentally pass it on? These are vaxxed folks, so I can only think it’s a case of, “I’m vaccinated, Covid would knock me on my ASS, so it must be a cold.” And I totally get that, but how you don’t at least think, “Hmmm….maybe I should check.”

Cut and color today, YAY. Don’t even mind masking up for it, cause at least between all of us being vaccinated & masked, we should be good to go. And I’ve got my snuggly knit handbag all loaded up. (I keep thinking come winter, I need a chunky cable knit sweater to go with it.) Still feel oddly guilty about the appointment, though. But, as I said, we are all vaxxed & masked, it’s not a wall-to-wall people place, and I don’t know how you get much safer than that other than just not going at all.

Delta has just put such a wrench in things for me mentally. (Obviously, it’s throwing other wrenches as well.) I’d finally started feeling like, “Hey, I can participate in society again here and there!” and now it’s, “Am I an ass for doing things, even masked up?”

I’m never going to be that asshat out protesting for a haircut – but these little non-critical personal care things that went out the window for a year and a half, it’s *nice* to have them back and I just don’t want things to get back to a point where I have to give them up again. And I feel very selfish for that. (I don’t want people to get sick either, to be clear – I just want to do normal things safely again.)

Get vaxxed, get a friend vaxxed, mask up, grab takeout, do things outside, and have a great and safe weekend.

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