*Contented sigh*

It turned out to be a pretty good week. I will certainly point to the benefit of not being overworked as a very large factor there. There is a lot to be said for not ending the week all wrung out.

New vacuum is fantastic and the amount of cat hair & dust and such it picks up is amazing. (And a bit embarassing.) Came with a ton of attachments, and I’ve got an adaptor coming to be able to use some of the attachments from the old vacuum that don’t have an equivalent on the new one. And it’s so much easier to use than the old one between the lighter weight and no cord.

When you detach the long wand to make it handheld, all the attachments can still be used, so you can actually use the regular sized beater brush and vacuum the floor sitting down. (Yes, I did part of the living room floor that way.) Honestly, I’d advertise that as an accessibility feature. Can’t stand for a long time but still need to vacuum? You can sit the fuck down and do it!

You do have to empty the dustbin on it more often than the old vacuum, but it’s so easy to do (and way easier than the old vac) that it’s no real problem.

Yes, I do love this vacuum. But hey, it’s a really good vacuum cleaner.

Got my hair done today and it looks great and the shampoo gal at the salon KNIT ME A WHOLE DAMN HANDBAG. She’d told me she’d made me something the last time I was in there – it would seem that the “I’m so sorry I have to cancel my appointment cause of the pandemic” big tip I left last spring was a bigger deal than I would have thought.

A knit handbag made with chocolate brown yarn
I have made a note to myself to make sure I use it when I go back in.

We’re keeping a close eye on Elsa… Thankfully it’s dropped to a tropical storm and will hopefully stay that way – it should be over Norfolk on Thursday afternoon and hopefully gone with minimal impact by Friday morning. Here’s to it just being a pain in the ass to folks and not damaging shit and hurting people and not fucking up my very much needed vacation.

And I’m thinking, since I’ve got Thursday off – I may go get a pre-vacation mani-pedi. Haven’t done that since summer before last and I found some pretty frosted yellow polish recently and snagged it – it looks like frozen lemonade.

The dudebro house across the street is having a party, which is fine, but thier taste in music is not great, LOL. Hearing some fireworks here and there, but not much, which is fine by me.

Didn’t really get much done around the house today, but it’s all good cause I still have TWO WHOLE DAMN DAYS OFF!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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3 Responses to *Contented sigh*

  1. Ashley says:

    Two days off, a new handbag, an upcoming vacation, AND a new vacuum? You’re living it up! (Said without a trace of sarcasm.) Glad everything’s going well, at least on these fronts. :)

    • A Dreamer says:

      I know, it’s pretty ridiculous! And that vacuum, LOL. I did not realize how little the old vac had been picking up until I saw what the new one could do. OMG, so much cat hair & dust.

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