That’s Fuck Me Monday… Slept terribly last night – tossed and turned and all weird dreams. Just not the way you want to get the week started off. Also forgot to turn on the sunshine alarm, and I never really appreciate how easier that makes it to get up until it’s not turned on.

But, I did remember to make a pitcher of cold brew yesterday, so I was able to hit the snooze button a few extra times, so that’s something. And it’s a half-day Friday and payday week, so that lifts the mental load a smidge, too.

If I see another “vaccinated people shouldn’t be mad” take… The fuck we shouldn’t. “But Delta is new!” I am quite sure Delta wouldn’t have taken such a strong hold here had the willingly unvaccinated* either gotten their fucking shots or kept their masks on. And the folks in charge who thought, “oh, if we drop the mask mandates, the unvaccinated folks will get vaccinated so they can go maskless, too!” Fucking delusional. Have you BEEN here since last March?

I don’t appreciate the fact that I actually feel LESS secure AFTER vaccination. We shouldn’t be on the same trajectory we were last fall, with nothing but “recommendations” for masking.

The FDA had best get off their ass and get the fucking reviews done to get this out of EUA status. I don’t think that will suddenly change the “oh, but it’s *experimental*” crowd, but it will make a lot more employers mandate it. And that is what we need at this point.

Yes, being vaccinated & masked, I can at least maintain some small personal care things that I had to drop last year – haircuts, acupuncture appointments, maybe get my nails done, or a massage – but, I also wonder if I’m a dick for even doing those given how things are. Am I putting other people unnecessarily at risk even being vaccinated *and* masked up? Pardon me for being melodramatic, but I don’t want to inadvertently kill a kid.

In short, pandemics suck, and they suck even harder when you have leadership that is more worried about the economy than people.

*Not can’t get vaccinated due to medical reasons. Not can’t get access. The “I won’t” crowd.

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