It’s not a problem if it helps, right?

Cause I think I might have a basket problem… But – they’re helping, so…

I have probably a dozen of these Target wire mesh baskets around the house – they’re awesome and I love them. They’re keeping the kitchen counter semi-under control. The cat toys are corralled. They’re great when I’m trying to clean and run across “oh, this belongs somewhere else, I know where I am going to put it, but if I do that now, I will lose momentum” – and then when I’m done, I redistribute the contents of the basket to where they belong.

Square metal mesh basket

Then I have two of these bigger baskets pictured below – I have one in the back of the car, it holds shopping bags, extra packages of hand wipes, tissues, roll of paper towels, windex packs, armor all packs and the extra cupholder – it’s perfect. Also for the car, I have one of the ones from above in the front seat with clean masks, hand wipes, tissues, etc. Easily moved if someone else needs to ride. The second big basket is holding all the vacuum attachments, and again, it is just the right size and keeps them all in one place, and I can easily carry it around.

Cloth lined square wicker basket

I also have some “shoebox sized” versions of the black square mesh ones, and today I realized I need a couple more for the linen closet, because I need something for soaps/shampoo/mouthwash, etc. I bought more bar soap today because it seemed that we were out and no…we already had several bars, and while they *were* in the linen closet, they were in opaque bags, and I didn’t look IN the bags. So, if all the bars of soap are just in a basket, then they don’t get hidden. But Target is sold out of them! Found some similar sized fabric lined ones, and Amazon had them cheaper, so those are on the way for the linen closet, and I can keep track of the soap.

It’s all a bit ridiculous, but it’s also working, so….

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